Friday, June 25

What we've been up to...

My children are growing and so is our garden.
Ava and her grandpa planted this sunflower that has grown to about 10 foot tall.
It is wonderful!

I have been wanting to make growth charts for my kids for a long time.
I finally got around to doing so.
My brother and wonderful sister in law sent the kids name plaques for Christmas.
I decided that they would work great as toppers for our growth charts.

I used wood boards (mdf boards already primed) and secured the toppers.
I printed baby pics and birth day stats.
I used my laminator (with the adhesive back) to attach the photos and info.

I attached the boards to the wall with screws.
I bought two cheap metal tape measures and after the boards were attached
to the wall I marked the proper length (at the bottom of the board) and
cut through the metal tape measure.
I used my dremel to drill holes in the tape measure and
was able to use thumbtacks to secure to side of boards.
And boy is taller than Ava at 2 1/2 than she was at 3....he is a boy :)

Ava posing....she is in her bathing suit most of the summer.

Speaking of summer (which I can't believe is already here and underway...
We decided to make a summer to do/idea list.
I found inspiration for this on another blog.
Fun times!
Hope we are all enjoying the sun!

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