Wednesday, June 29

summer reading...(my own kindle cover)

 So for Mother's day hubby got me a Kindle.
I wasn't sure just how much I would like it.  I really love the feel of 
actual books.  I like looking at the book and actually 
seeing how much I have read
and how many more pages till the end of the book.

BUT...I have been pleasantly surprised!
I really love my Kindle!
It is so easy to just turn on and read, "flip" pages, 
and very easy to just plop it down for a sec and come right back
to the place you stopped reading.

This summer has been pretty busy with kid's activities and 
my summer school schedule.
Yes...two classes this summer that are requiring a lot of reading and writing. is almost done....and has to get done in order to get my MSN.
(Master's degree in Nursing Education)

Despite being busy...I am still able to find some time to read and
I have been doing all my pleasure reading on my Kindle 
(except of course my internet reading....blogs, FB, etc........).

While I really like lots of the Kindle covers on the market,
I decided to make my own and save some $.

This is what i made...
(inspired by this blog post )

 I used old jeans, scraps of gingham, 
cut out flowers from scrap floral design,
button, hair elastic, and hair elastic headband.


 I think I did a pretty good job.
It has that worn, comfy look...
less "techy" (doubt that is a word...but less electronic like, if you know what I mean)

 Hope you are enjoying your summer
and are able to get some good reading in!

Happy Weds!

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Wednesday, March 16

Springing forward..^^...^^..^^

So happy the seasons are changing!
I love the longer days...sunshine just makes me smile!
On Sunday, my daughter, A, and I went to the park, 
to rollerskate...
and ended up spending more time on the swings~

Ava likes to close her eyes while swinging...
she asked me to do the same and I must say...
I could not do it for very long...sorta scary...
too funny!!!
We laughed so much, it was awesome!

Are you adoring the blossoms this time of year?
I am....
I'll share some from around our yard and neighborhood:

our very first brussel sprouts!
they were very yummy roasted 
with olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

our cabbages...
slaw and egg roll stuffing bound. 

 Leaving our neighborhood is lovely.  
The streets are lined in blooms!

Happy warm weather!

Saturday, January 1

Farewell 2010....

 December just flew it always seems to do.
I certainly did not get to continue my "posting pic a day"...
just got busy enjoying the season.

I was blessed to spend many fun times in December with friend and family.
I met my nephew, born last Christmas Eve in Germany
to my brother and his awesome wife.
My grandmother, great grandmother to my kids,
and my great aunt were finally able to visit us here in Charlotte.
We enjoyed plenty of holiday cheer with wonderful friends and neighbors.

Sharing some images from December...

Our Charlie Brown kids Christmas tree....

Logan....nephew...isn't he a cutie?

Aunt Beth and Ava enjoying Beth's Christmas present....her Ipad

Granddad and his grandchildren

Gingerbread people from Trader Joe's...loved this!

Kids getting ready to taste their creations

I love my Christmas bird...a gift from a dear friend

Candy canes were enjoyed by the kids all month long

Great old Santa sleigh.....usually filled with Hershey kisses

A giant coloring book from when I was a girl...

Note the date..."1976"......I colored this when I was Ava's age!

Me and my lil man

my big man and lil' man

Mom and her girl

Cousin Hannah with kids


Happy kids!

Our dog, Guinness, trying to catch snowballs.
Hope everyone enjoyed the season as I did with friend and family.
Wishing all a happy new year to come!
Bring on 2011........

Tuesday, December 7

Happy Holidays!

Rob and I before heading out to 
my party...
yep....ended up having another party
at our neighborhood clubhouse.
Shared the birthday celebration with
Christy....a great lady.
We had a great time...
air band and all.
Rob is attempting to be a Beatle
& I am rocker girl. HA!

Ava & I headed out to the Charlotte Symphony to see
The Magic of Christmas!
It was a wonderful girl day and evening.
Symphony, to the Ritz to see the giant gingerbread house,
pizza at Brixxs, and doughnuts on the way home!


I love my mantle.
This year I added starfish that I glittered!


Lendy, named by Ava, our Christmas elf
has returned!