Saturday, December 19

so close to Christmas...

So...I had good intentions of posting Christmas pics each day ......
for the twelve days before Christmas.

But, life happens. Little man, Beck, was sick and not sleeping good...
so mommy had no time and any spare time I needed sleep.
So thought I would share some more Christmas images from around my house.

Meet Lindy. (named by Ava)
Lindy came to our home last year, from Santa,
to be our house elf. He watches the lil' ones and
each night reports back to Santa.
The next morning,

Lindy finds a new post, somewhere to watch the kids.

Ava and Beck love looking for Lindy in the morning.
It is so cute ...watching them look all over and screaching with
happiness when they find him.
Lindy is fun to have around.
On Christmas night he goes back to the North Pole...
and if we are lucky he will come back next year.

We have been enjoying our tree...
We have been loving our tree since the beginning of December.

Ava poses by the tree before her dance recital.Beck, after a long morning of play, takes a rest.

Ava and Mom make a gingerbread house.
Ava really enjoyed licking all the icing...yummmy!

We packed a Christmas package for Uncle Todd & Aunt Beth.
They are stationed in Germany.
They are expecting their own Christmas gift very soon....a baby Logan.

What in the world? you ask.

Well I got crafty today and finished making my

"Chillin" Santa ornaments from chile peppers.

not quite done with the faces...quirky and cute. I like.

And now six days before Christmas...

I hope everyone is enjoying this season & time of year!

Sunday, December 13

Twelve days till Christmas!

Finally a post...

thought I would share some holiday photos &

will try to post new pictures each day till Christmas.

so my first picture will be from my mantle....
tis the reason for the season!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!
more posting & pictures to come....