Tuesday, October 7

how busy life can be...

It is amazing just how busy your life can be...yet at the same time feel as though you still have more you want to do.  Wow.  Summer has come and gone, preschool for Ava, Avon walk is almost here, Beck is one, and it is almost Halloween!  Life can go by so fast and I am trying my hardest to stay "in the moment/present" and enjoy my time, my life.  I still have a huge urge to create, but have to put it aside for just awhile while I figure out the best balance for my day to day things.  I know the "best" will always change and I need to learn to be okay with that.  My goal is to be able to have "creative" time for me notched in my routine by the beginning of November (which is my birthday month, what a good birthday present to me from me).  I hope to be able to list some new and different things on etsy perhaps.  The hair bows are fun...but were just a result of me using what I have (too much ribbon) and finding something to raise more money for my Avon walk ((which is almost at $2000)).  I really want to create using recycled materials...and I do love flowers.  hmmm...will continue to write down my ideas as I attempt to create more "order" in my life.  hehe!