Wednesday, August 11

more things...

the summer is flying by.
But doesn't it always.
I have enjoyed it as much as possible.
My children keep me smiling
and drinking....he he he!

I have been creating as much as I can.
So, I will share here.

I tried making a shirt.
This was my first attempt at darts and
pin pleats (I think that is what they are called...
At first the fit was funky,
so I used matching fabric scraps
(leftover from teacher's gifts and bag)
and now it fits better.

I like it!!

Remember this photo from last post?
Random, too small clothes...
I freezer stenciled the word Dance...
and all together made this:
Not bad for my first try with this pattern.
I have figured out where to the next dress will be even cuter ;)

My lil man wanted to pose too.
So he is showing off one the tie dye creations we have made.
This was a fun project for all. Especially when we got to "reveal" the results.

Not only do I create, but so do my children...

aren't they cute?

~~~ Happy Wednesday! ~~~
off to the beach :)

Have plenty other projects to share when I return.