Wednesday, March 16

Springing forward..^^...^^..^^

So happy the seasons are changing!
I love the longer days...sunshine just makes me smile!
On Sunday, my daughter, A, and I went to the park, 
to rollerskate...
and ended up spending more time on the swings~

Ava likes to close her eyes while swinging...
she asked me to do the same and I must say...
I could not do it for very long...sorta scary...
too funny!!!
We laughed so much, it was awesome!

Are you adoring the blossoms this time of year?
I am....
I'll share some from around our yard and neighborhood:

our very first brussel sprouts!
they were very yummy roasted 
with olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

our cabbages...
slaw and egg roll stuffing bound. 

 Leaving our neighborhood is lovely.  
The streets are lined in blooms!

Happy warm weather!

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