Wednesday, June 29

summer reading...(my own kindle cover)

 So for Mother's day hubby got me a Kindle.
I wasn't sure just how much I would like it.  I really love the feel of 
actual books.  I like looking at the book and actually 
seeing how much I have read
and how many more pages till the end of the book.

BUT...I have been pleasantly surprised!
I really love my Kindle!
It is so easy to just turn on and read, "flip" pages, 
and very easy to just plop it down for a sec and come right back
to the place you stopped reading.

This summer has been pretty busy with kid's activities and 
my summer school schedule.
Yes...two classes this summer that are requiring a lot of reading and writing. is almost done....and has to get done in order to get my MSN.
(Master's degree in Nursing Education)

Despite being busy...I am still able to find some time to read and
I have been doing all my pleasure reading on my Kindle 
(except of course my internet reading....blogs, FB, etc........).

While I really like lots of the Kindle covers on the market,
I decided to make my own and save some $.

This is what i made...
(inspired by this blog post )

 I used old jeans, scraps of gingham, 
cut out flowers from scrap floral design,
button, hair elastic, and hair elastic headband.


 I think I did a pretty good job.
It has that worn, comfy look...
less "techy" (doubt that is a word...but less electronic like, if you know what I mean)

 Hope you are enjoying your summer
and are able to get some good reading in!

Happy Weds!

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