Tuesday, June 8

A little of this and that...

Our first sunflower from our garden!
This post contains a few accessories I've been making.
I thought these fabric bangles were easy and fun to make.
Ava and I have matching bracelets... :)
I used a tutorial from V & Co. found here.


Easy felt flower barrettes.

Loving that smile.....
You can clip your bow to headbands too!

Simple "poppy like" flower using satin ribbon.
Simply singe the edges with a flame.

With all the different hair bows. barettes,
I thought we could display them to keep them in one place...or try to...
you know how a six year old can be. But we are trying.
I got a dollar store frame, Ava had fun painting it and adding sparkly stickers.
We added ribbon and this is what we got.
It works.

I made a ribbon flower pendant from a tutorial found on this site.
Again, Vanessa has wonderful ideas!
This bag is so easy to grab and go...great for grocery shopping and such.
A little flair makes a nice touch.
The bag is actually made by Fleurville using their Re-Run fabric made from plastic bottles.
I love "green" things!
This flower pendant will look cute on several things.
Welcome summertime!

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