Monday, May 24

Twirly skirt for my girl...

Yea....I did it!

I have been wanting to try making my
little girl (although she would prefer to be called a big girl)
a cute little skirt.
So we took a trip to the fabric store and she picked out the fabric.
I might be making a matching mommy skirt. (while my girl is still okay with matching mom)
For the contrasting top and bottom band ...
I was able to use fabric I already had from when I made a crib skirt (a long time ago) for Beck.

After the skirt was made, I realized she needed a cute black tank to go with it.
So.....I looked in her clothes from winter and found a long sleeved black shirt
that was too tight under the arms.
SO...viola....made it into a tank.
I am loving this repurposing of clothes :)

I'm happy and so is Ava.

The skirt is a full skirt...which gives it its "twirl"....Ava loves to spin around and have the skirt "fly out".

I was inspired by this tutorial... she has lots of great ideas.

Ava also is proud of her new shoes...those crazy, light up twinkle toes by sketchers. (A gift for learning to finally tie her shoes, finishing dance, and kindergarten graduation)

Luckily, the cost of her shoes were offset by this outfit being less than $10.

Enjoy....happy monday to all!

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