Wednesday, May 19

gift for our babysitter...

Isn't a great babysitter priceless?

We are fortunate to have found a lovely girl who my kids adore.
She is homeschooled and graduating in the next couple of weeks...
then she is planning on attending Johnson and Wales culinary school.
(you know I love that!)

She sent me the most beautiful silver and yellow floral graduation announcement.
I commented to her how much I loved her announcements and she said that
yellow and silver are her favorite colors. idea.

I had just found this tutorial and thought I would give it a try.

This was made for less than $10 and I love it.

there is a slight silver sheen to the fabric

Ava now wants me to make her one too...

I am pretty sure our sitter will enjoy her purse...plan on tucking in some extra $ inside. (there is a small pocket on the inside....attached to the lining :)

enjoy and happy wednesday!

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