Friday, May 14

What I have been up to...

Been a long time since I blogged.

So many things going on with life...
I just never set aside any time to write.
now....I kept thinking "You know that would be a good idea to blog about"
I did this at various times.,,,but it never happened.
So why blog?

Well, I am not good at writing in a journal.
Honestly my handwriting stinks and my brain goes faster than my pen...
so therefore journaling with pen and paper just isn't fun for me.
Especially when I can't even read what I wrote.
So one reason to blog is so I can ..sorta.. journal about my day to day.
I can share life...
life with my children, my food, and my crafting...
and whatever else I feel like.
Now I know I am not the best writer ...but who cares... :)
I will actually end up printing my blog (have you seen that..very cool).
It is like you can print a very neat book, a journal, with pictures.
I think that would be a wonderful keepsake.
So, anyway...for now (no pressure on me)
I am going to start blogging more.

So what have I been up to? well a lot....

but something fun I have beed doing is that I have actually pulled out my sewing machine
and tried some sewing projects.
I came across some cool blogs (which is wonderful, but be warned you can spend
lots of time looking at the great sewing blogs out there...)
There are some great ones that demo the basics for people like me.
I had been saving hubby's old dress shirts for something...
and came across several blogs that give tutorials on how to refashion a men's dress shirt
into an adorable little girl dress.

So here it first try...I am pleased.
Here is the shirt (I took the picture after I had already cut the arms off)

I had to adjust the arms a bit..but I like. It is a tad small for Ava but she still wanted to wear.

I made the ring above from the scraps using this tutorial.
You'll love her blog.

So here is Ava...striking a few poses...

the best pose of all...

Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Friday to all!

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Sally said...

very very cute!!!!