Tuesday, May 19

say cheese...

Ok, my little ones.....say cheese..! Ava and Beck have this down pat. I just had to share this cute picture (wish it was a little clearer). Yes, Ava's favorite color is pink and she does own a pink jeep (thanks to grandmom). Beck loves this jeep and insists she take him for a ride whenever she has it out of the garage.
These two are keeping me busy!

Ava is now five and making me laugh with some of the things she says. Lately it has been, "for real" and "right". If she thinks her dad or I do not believe what she is saying she says, "for real" with a matter of fact look. I do laugh at this, although sometimes it can be a tad bit on the sassy side and I have to get "real" with her.

In the van she has been using the word, "right?" after every observation or statement she makes. Whew...sometimes answering can be exhausting, but I am glad she likes to hold conversations.

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clare's craftroom said...

No wonder they're smiling I'd like a pink car too !