Thursday, June 11

favorite room @ the beach...

Nothing is better than the outdoor shower at the beach! It is a prerequisite when looking at what cottages to rent. Nothing fancy, just hot water and a spot to place your shower necessities is all that is needed. I LOVE IT! I never use the indoor shower at the beach....really I don't. I love to be all sandy and then step into the outside shower. When you are done there is none of that "steamy too hot bathroom" feel...instead you get the refreshing salt air smell and feel :)
My husband and children enjoyed it too. I am pretty sure Ava will be like mom and enjoy outside showers as much as I do. If possible I would have a outdoor shower at my year round home...hmmmm just not sure if the home owner's association would like that...ha!

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Wendy Mueller said...

Love that. I'm with you. I'd take an outdoor shower here any day.