Wednesday, June 17

sand feet

my beach art :)

So I wanted to do some sort of project with sand and initially had found a project where you make sand footprints. Basically you get wet sand (not too wet) and place child's foot in sand to get their footprint. Then you pour in plaster of paris and let dry. get a sandy foot.

Well my little ones could not quite create a good clean footprint due their wiggly cute toes. So I decided to try something else. (I had brought the plaster of paris and wire to make a hanger...needed to do something, lol)

So I took her flip flop and his little croc shoe and made shoe prints instead. I found shells on the beach and decided to use their initials. We do call them "A" and "B" all the time :)

I think it turned out cute....a little something different to hang in a little space on my wall.

Thought I would share. You can really expand on this and make any sort of beach sand art using shells and plaster of paris. enjoy!