Thursday, May 7

A bed bug tale...

It is 9:oo at night and I am comfortable in my bed thinking of going to sleep when a little visitor comes into my room. Ava, my recently turned 5, little girl comes in telling me, "I can't sleep."

The rest goes a little something like this:
mom-why can't you sleep honey?
ava-there are little things biting me in my bed
mom-what kind of little things?
ava-there are bed bugs in my bed
mom-bed bugs? bed bug or more?
ava-there are ten bed bugs in my bed
mom-are they big or little?
ava-they are so little, like smaller than the tippy part of your pinky nail, only I can see them
mom- so i can't see these bed bugs in your bed?
ava-nope, only I can
mom- does it hurt when they "bite" you? this (ava pinches me :)
mom- hmmm, I would not like that...maybe those bed bugs are asleep now.
ava-nope mom...they do not sleep, they don't even take naps, they stay awake
mom-well maybe I can go change your sheets and wash them
ava-they won't work mom..they will just hop up and be on the new sheets, they have very strong legs
mom-what if we turn the ceiling fan on and blow them off?
ava-mom...i told you they have really strong legs and they will just stay on the sheets

~~~by now ava is in my bed thinking she is going to snuggle and sleep with me. I know daddy will be coming up soon and hopefully he can get her to bed (ha!) ~~~

mom- ava, you know you can't sleep in my bed until you are grown up
ava- i know mom, i will be too big and there isn't enough room for you, me, and daddy when i am big like you
mom-so how long will these bed bugs stay in your bed?
ava-until I am about 6 years old, they like 4..hmm 5 year old girls like me.
mom- well i am not sure what to do..we will just have to wait till daddy comes upstairs.

Daddy caves in and lets Ava sleep with me and he goes to the guest room :)
(he really can't sleep with a little one who ends up with her legs and arms all over you, facing the wrong way in the bed)

thought i would share.

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