Wednesday, July 7

bags and such...

I was very pleased with my latest attempt at making my own bag.
I wanted something lively and colorful and light for the summer...not too big.
I found a great tutorial and this is what I made.
I embellished with a flower.
Then I found this idea
for a beach towel dress/coverup.
Not only did I use her tutorial...but when I went to Target
I found the same towel she used...
and since I loved the blue dots...mine looks like hers.
Although I tie mine like a halter and I made a slit on the side.

It is really comfortable. And it really is not that hard to make.

with the leftover from the towel I made Ava a drawstring bag for the pool.
((take note...Ava cut her own hair...decided to add some side swept bangs...
not too bad)) :)

I have been thinking of making an easy pillowcase dress for Ava.
So when I found this "not so pretty" pillowcase in my closet
(no idea where it came from)
I knew it would make a comfy nightie.
Ava loves it.

pardon the morning hair and wrinkles...she wore it the night before.
thought I would share some kid pics from the weekend..

happy hump day!

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Sally said...

oooh shannon - you look like a model in your dress! I love your poses, and the dress is darn cute!