Sunday, July 25

Making me happy...

I just seem to feel happy being creative and creating things.
Especially reusing items and making things spending little money.
I am a very visual person and creating anything (even cooking food)
is very relaxing for me.
Some people listen to music...
I create.

Last post I showed off my beach towel/cover up I created.
Well, one of my friends asked me if I would make her one.
(yes, I was very flattered)
So I did.....and even used the extra bit of towel to make a little skirt for her girl.

from what I hear, they like.
(which I am so happy because I have never sewed anything for anyone...
other than family)


Well, I saw several tutorials on hand stamping on metal washer jewelry.
So I thought I would try it out.
Especially since the material was cheap. The washers are from the local hardware store and the alphabet stamps were from Harbor Freight.

So I played around and this is what I made:

Ava's with an elastic cord so she can easily take on and off.

This one is my sister's...she is so close to finally finishing college. (yippee!)

A mommy necklace. For my friend who has a boy Ava's age and a set of twins (boy/girl).
They are soooo cute!

For my friend Sarah.

ummmm...this could be addicting. Might have to stamp out some more.


Look below to see what I pulled out of the "not fitting anymore" stash.
Ava's shirts and leggings and one of my old maternity tees.
I made a cute halter dress for Ava. soon as Ava cooperates, I will post a pic.

Happy Sunday!

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