Sunday, July 19

farewell crib..... forest/trees same thing...

Well my little boy has decided the crib just isn't for him.
Just a few nights ago, Beck was not feeling well due to his reoccurring double ear infection (going to see about tubes this week) and has been sleeping with me...mommy. On this night he was upset/frustrated and had started to push on me. Rob went to put him in his crib so he could have a cry then I was going to get him. Well, Rob put him in his crib and Beck basically took a run for the rail and catapulted and did a complete flip out of the crib. Poor guy. I consoled him and he slept with me in my bed. The next night he did not have any more fever from his ears, so we tried to put him to sleep in his crib. Normally he goes to sleep very easily. We read to him, rock him briefly, then lay him down and he puts himself to sleep quietly. Rob put him down and left the room while I was across the hall reading to Ava. I started to hear Beck cry, but did not go to him immediately because I knew he would probably just cry for a few and then go to sleep ((he had slept the previous three nights with me)). After awhile he was still crying...then Rob opened Ava's door with Beck in his arms. He had gotten out of his crib. Well he got one more night with mommy.
The next day we bid farewell to crib and hello to b
ig boy bed,

Going to have to add some decoration to the wall now that the crib is gone and the bed is so low.
It was sad to see the crib go because it is the last time I plan on using it :(

Ava decides to help Beck get comfortable with his bed.
Beck has now slept in his new bed for four nights (although the transition time to bed is longer. I have to get on the floor with my head resting on his bed and rub his back until he is good and asleep...hopefully this time will become shorter). He also has taken one nap in his bed.
Not bad for less than a week with the new bed. for a cute tidbit on why I just love little people and the things they say.
Rob, Ava, Beck, and I all went to Greensboro to visit friends. Our friends have a cute little cat named Forest. Forest happens to have his very own room. Ava has been to our friends house before and has met the cat and knows about Forest and his room. Before we get to their house I asked her if she remembered the cat's name and she did not. So I told her..."Forest".
So we get to our friends house and I hear her talking to the cat. She is calling the cat something, but it is not Forest.
I say, "Honey, what are you calling the cat?"
Ava replies "Trees"
I tell her the cat is name is Forest.
Ava says..."same thing" (mind you she says this with a touch of attitude)
hmmm ...Forest, Trees....same thing. (we all enjoyed a laugh and called the cat Trees the rest of the night.

Aren't kids great?

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gwade07 said...

They are USUALLY great. Christopher melted down today for no reason at all and after he flipped out, I followed suit and melted down, too. That's when I called you. Need moral support from someone who's been there, done that. Called DH and he came home early. In serious need of a vacay or a wine IV. I like the sand shoe idea.