Tuesday, July 28


Aren't they cute?!
We are fortunate enough to live in a community on Mountain Island Lake and blessed to have a boat to enjoy going out on the lake as often as possible. Our family really enjoys being on the lake and swimming, eating, drinking, and just relaxing. Taking friends out is extra special fun. Both my little ones really love the water...so it is great!
It is so hard to believe just how fast they are growing and how time just seems to fly by. I took my boy this week to have ear tubes placed due to his recurring ear infections (Ava had the same thing). While he was in for the procedure I waited in the waiting room holding his stuffed bear, Across from where I was sitting there was an elderly lady (probably late 70s) and her son and daughter (both probably in their 50s). Yes, I heard a little of their conversation, so I was able to figure out that they were brother and sister taking care of their mother.
I started to think.....whoa...if I get to live as old as this lady, my son and daughter might have to take me to the doctor. Then I got teary.....because I started to think how it seems like yesterday when they were newborns. I know how valuable each and everyday is with my children and family...it really takes a conscious effort to try to remember to live for each day and be grateful for each day...live in the moment. I know these things...but working so hard to live by those words. I am probably like so many people and just get bogged down in trying to get the day to day things done and make plans for the next day and the next day. hmmmm...I just need to slow down, stop worrying about all the things I need to do or should do and savor this time as much as I can.
I'll try!

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Kasey said...

Fabulous post! Your babies are beautiful!! And yes...savor each moment - I try to remind myself to do the same thing...lol!! :)