Saturday, December 4

catching up...

So I am catching up...
I am still taking a picture every day, 
the hard part has been uploading every day.

So many things to do this time of year.
40.4 is a pic of flowers my girlfriend gave me at the beach when we were chillin'.
Looking at them reminds me of my good friends
and how blessed I am to have
such good friends.

Ava did this for it!
  40.6...loving our tree!
my girl hanging in the tree...
missed a day taking photos..
so I took two pics of each little ones.
  my lil man...

they love playing outside!
the kids going outside to collect 
pine cones to glitter.


Our entry...lovely  (I think :)

I actually took this picture the next day,
because this is where I was for two days.
Hammering out my health policy and politics paper.

 40.12...messing with Guinness...our crazy dog.

My little man checking out what gifts he wants for Christmas!

 Ok....all caught up.
Will do better....
Happy Holidays!

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