Wednesday, November 3

All about owls...


The school year started and Fall is here.
It seems as if the summer just flew by in the blink of an eye.
I am happy to see Fall and the cooler temps (finally) are refreshing.

I have still been crafting and creating....

one of my latest (and one of my favorites)
is this cute little upcycled dress for A.
I bought 3 XXL tees at a thrift store and
using Lil Blue Boo's Sienna dress pattern...
this is what I created.

Ava loves it...and so do I.
I freezer paper stenciled (one of my new techniques I am loving)
the owl with fabric paint.

so comfy! :)

I was seeing lots of funky, folksy kinda owls all over the blog world,
and decided to make my own.
I used this pattern.

lil boy adopted the one below...the one I made.

Lil A made the one below...picking out the fabric and
even doing some of the stitching.


Then staying with the owl theme,
I found an owl in one of A's coloring books.
I traced and colored with permanent markers on shrinky dink film.
I really like how quirky and cute it turned out.

I put the lil owl on a necklace with wooden beads....

Happy Fall !!!

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