Friday, September 11

I remember....

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
It is one of those days that you know you will always remember where you were and
who you were with. You knew the memory of that day would be
permanently etched into your mind.
I was in nursing school and was sitting with one of my classmates, Mike...
we were studying for a nursing quiz that morning.
Another classmate, Cheryl, walked in on us studying...
"Have you guys heard? A plane crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers?"
Well, we had been studying for awhile (such good and had not heard.
We went into our lounge area where other students and teachers had gathered and
turned the tv on the news...
whoa.....what in the world was happening? I could not believe what I was watching!
I was in complete awe...we watched as both of the towers came down.
Dear God, what is going on?
Shock is what we all felt.
I lived in NYC for some time (loved it!) and had friends there...
I remember always coming up to the street from the subway,
eyeing the twin towers and knowing which way was south.
And the many people worked in those towers?
Our teacher decided not to give us our quiz (after we brought it to her attention
that this was no ordinary day).
I went home and stayed glued to the TV all day...all night...
do not even think I went to the bathroom until I absolutely had to.
Oh...the lives changed forever!
Those that lost loved ones...
those forever hurt/injured from helping those in need.
I will say a prayer today for those families touched by this day.

My brother serves in the Air Force...
may we thank all those that serve our country...
the military, firemen, police, and relief response workers.

Below is a pic of my bro'
(not sure how fond he is of this pic...I like it

so I will also post a picture of him and his wonderful wife, Beth,
who are expecting a baby boy this December :)Thanks brother for serving!

and yes I am proud to be an American!

I will not forget!


Danielle said...

I can totally relate! Your brother has your eyes...can definitely tell that you two are siblings.

Kasey said...

Wonderful post, Shannon...and may we never forget...