Tuesday, September 15

I like this take on healthcare...

OK...I know I am in the healthcare industry,
working for a home health agency &
independently contracted with a pharmaceutical agency
educating and working with certain patients on one particular drug,
But...I am tired of the back and forth banter of the "healthcare debate."
Not everyone is going to be happy...but the current system
HAS to change. Really
I listened to Dr. Weil this morning on the Diane Rehm show.
I really like Dr. Weil and I am very interested in an integrative, holistic approach to medicine.
Dr. Weil was discussing his new book, Why Our Health Matters.

One of his websites...click here...discusses his book. (brief but excellent overview)
It is true and we all believe...
"Our long-term goal must be to shift our health care efforts from disease intervention to disease prevention and health promotion." Dr. Weil.

Our country is just not doing enough in the area of health education.
We have taken physical education out of the daily school routine.
gimme a break....we are told "exercise 30 mins. a day"...
but we don't give our children that chance in school.
If exercise is so important to us, it should reflect by our emphasis on this in school.
Don't even get me started on the drink machines in schools and the lunches.
Let's teach our children where food comes from and what real food is!

How about more education for our adults on the mind & body.
Our bodies are built for healing....and the majority of people
do not know how to help in their bodies' own healing processes through alternative methods...
instead we are looking for our answers in a pill.

Being a nurse I could really go on and on...but I won't.

I am really giving props to Dr. Weil's new book.
I love his philosophy on health.
Now I need to practice what I preach, what I believe in...
and take care of my own mind and body.
On that note I am off to bed!

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Danielle said...

Girl, I am right there with you. I also listened to him on NPR today and was shocked at some of the statitics. We have a long road ahead, but we can all make a start with our own families. Thanks for the great post.