Tuesday, April 29

in the beginning

so this is my 1st blog...why? thought i would share with others and see if i like blogging. so...right now i am busy being a mom and prepping items for my booth where i will be selling handmade barrettes, onesies, and lil tees to help raise funds for my avon 2day walk in october. at the same time i am setting up an etsy shop to sell the same items. am i crazy for trying to mother and craft? probably...but my soul feels as though it needs an outlet... crafting is what i love and feel like doing.

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Tiffany Austin said...

I don't think you are crazy! I hope not anyway, because Gabe is 6 months old and I try to squeeze as much knitting in as I can (these days not much!) and have compiled numerous photos to one day "scrapbook". And i fiercely fight my husband to prevent the loss of my craft room despite the fact it is more of a storage unit and I can barely get in it! so when you have found the secret to more mom-craft time--pass it on!!!